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The Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners in 2024

The world is in the midst of a robotics revolution, and the humble vacuum cleaner is leading the way. It is no surprise then that the number of robot vacuum cleaners available to consumers has increased almost exponentially as new entrants have entered the market and competition heats up. This is great for pushing robotics technology forward. Indeed, the number of features on these obedient machines and their level of intelligence continues to increase. However, the rapid pace of change can also make for a confusing picture. To help you decide which robot vacuum cleaner is best for you, we have looked at the range of robot cleaner offerings in detail. The focus here is on the current state of the technology and determining the key features to pay attention to when purchasing one. 

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Are FPGAs the Future of AI?

Diagramatic representation of the components inside an FPGA chip

An FPGA, or Field-Programmable Gate Array, is a programmable semiconductor chip enabling the implementation of various electronic circuits by circuit designers. Unlike fixed physical circuits in traditional processors, FPGA's digital circuits can be configured and reconfigured for diverse tasks. Importantly, no physical changes occur during FPGA programming. Instead, a matrix of programmable logic blocks and interconnects exists within FPGA chips, allowing construction of desired electronic circuits by enabling/disabling as needed. This flexibility is valuable for developing device prototypes or optimising electronic circuits for real-world applications. Today, FPGAs are proving valuable in Artificial Intelligence, raising the question of whether they will be the key processor in future AI.

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